To tab or not to tabI’m the type of person that immediately uninstalls any app that I decide I’m no longer using. Similarly, I also close every browser tab when I’m Blog July 7, 2024

An attempt at analog index cardsI’m seriously considering using good old analog index cards for notes on various topics. Though, I’m not sure how to organize them, so I can find Blog July 5, 2024

Using Email as a Tickler systemIf you don't like using digital tasks/reminders app and need a way to remind your future self of certain things, try sending yourself an email. You can then snooze the email to when you want to be reminded. The email can contain all the details your future-self will need to get the tasks done. Blog July 4, 2024

Added my Slash PagesInspired by Robb Knight’s, Slash Pages, I added a few to my site, including /about, /feeds, /hello, /interests, /uses, and /log. Many of my pages Blog July 4, 2024

Shadow and Bone by Leigh BardugoAn enjoyable story that introduces some memorable characters and with a few plot twists that keep things engaging. Books June 30, 2024

How to use Citations on your Blot siteA guide to setting up your website hosted on Blot to use a Zotero Bibliography file to quickly add citations to your pages. Notes June 28, 2024

How to ADHD by Jessica McCabeA practical guide full of useful stories and tips for those with (and without) ADHD. Books June 25, 2024

Bypass the Power Apps consent dialogHow to use PowerShell to disable the consent dialog showing when a user opens Power Apps for the first time or when a new connection is added. Architect June 19, 2024

My first experience with linuxLast week, somehow, I had the urge to give Linux a try. Maybe it was all the “AI” coming to both Windows and Mac soon that caused this desire. I’m Essays June 2, 2024

Anxious People by Fredrik BackmanA funny and sad story full of memorable characters. I enjoyed the flow of the book, as it often introduced something bizarre, but then shortly describes how it came to be. Books May 19, 2024