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Here there!

I’m Eric Gregorich. At my day job, I design and implement solutions using the Microsoft Power Platform, SharePoint, Azure, Dataverse, and related services.

In my spare time, one of the things I enjoy is tinkering with this site. I write about all kinds of things. Usually related to technology in one form or another. I often share book notes, interesting links, general notes in the form of how-to” guides, and the occasional Essay.

I also post all of my social-media” blog content to this site, where it is then syndicated elsewhere, usually to Mastodon.

My homepage has a chronological feed of all my posts. You can also search. I have an interests page where I track books, movies, games, and other topics.

If you’re interested in following my content, check out my Feeds page. And, if you want to get in touch, there’s my Hello page.

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