Adding Web Sign-In to your site

IndieAuth allows you to log into supporting websites using your domain as authentication. It offers a decentralized authentication process, enabling you to sign in without creating a new account.

If you use your domain for your site, you can set up web sign-in with it. This will allow you to log into websites that support IndieAuth.

This consists of adding links to your themes layouts/partials/head.html page, each with a rel=“me” tag. handles Twitter, Github, and Instagram out of the box. You can update your username for these three default services from your account. Once added, if you look at the source of our blog, you’ll see the links as follows:

<link rel="me" href="”  />
<link rel="me" href="" /> 

If you want to add more services, use the Meta tags plugin-in for by @manton. Install the plug-in, open the settings, and add your custom links, as shown here. Add as many as you need, one per line.

<link rel="me" href="https://{the site url}"/>

Finally, validate on The validation will show you which URLs are set up on your site and if those URLs link back to your site.

You can now go to and enter your domain name to sign in. It will redirect you to the, where you’re prompted to approve the access request. You’ll be logged into the site using your domain if successful!

December 1, 2022
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