OData filter of Dataverse rows by Choice value

I’m using Microsoft Power Automate to query a Dataverse table. I want to return all rows where my Choice column, named Sync Status is equal to the choice value of New”.

This is a little different than when we want to filter by text or number field types. A choice column is a bit different.

This scenario assumes we’re using a simple Choice column where the values are created directly in the column properties, not a global Choice column.

  • Edit your Dataverse choice column.
  • Under Advanced, look for the Logical Name and copy it.
  • Also, note the Value column for your choices. Copy the value for the choice you want to filter for. Then remove the commas.
  • Open your List rows Dataverse action.
  • In the Filter Rows property, add your query as follows publisher_syncstatus eq 320560000

When your action runs, it should now filter only the rows where the Choice column value equals new!

September 24, 2023
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