Use modern Power Apps Tablist control for navigationThe modern and updated TabList control in Power Apps can serve multiple purposes, such as changing views in a gallery, displaying and hiding Architect February 19, 2024

My Apple Vision Pro DemoMy thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro Demo. Essays February 17, 2024

Azure App Registration for Select SharePoint SitesThis post explains how to create an Azure App Registration and configure it to provide your application access to only select SharePoint sites. The Architect February 12, 2024

Using Stored Procedures directly in Power AppsAs of March 9, 2024, Microsoft has released the ability to call SQL Stored Procedures directly from within a Power App. This is a massive Architect February 1, 2024

Accessing your Power Apps Environment VariablesEnvironment Variables allow you to define values that can be changed between different environments. This is especially helpful when deploying a Architect January 24, 2024

TotTot is a simple app for macOS and iOS that gives you 7 plain text notes. It works great as a Working Memory where you can jot down notes throughout the day. Links January 20, 2024

The taste of coffeeSweet, Dark Chocolate with hints of citrus. Tastes like a good medium-roast coffee to me. Medium-dark roast with notes of oaky dry wine, dried Essays January 14, 2024

Use your domain for your email addressYour email address is an essential part of your identity. Your email address is used to log into your accounts, change your passwords, and more. Essays January 11, 2024

RSS AnythingRSS Anything claims to take any site with a list of links and transforms it into an RSS feed. Links January 10, 2024

RSS Zero isn't the path to RSS JoyA good point about how our RSS reader should not be treated the same as our email. Links January 2, 2024