How to use Citations on your Blot siteA guide to setting up your website hosted on Blot to use a Zotero Bibliography file to quickly add citations to your pages. Notes June 28, 2024

The Pomodoro Techniqueis a productivity hack where you set a timer for 25 minutes and then start a task and only work on that single task for 25 Notes March 27, 2024

Auto Dark Mode with CSSIf you want your site to automatically switch between light and dark themes based on the visitor’s system settings, you can use a @media query and Notes January 1, 2024

Update Quartz Default Layout to Hide SidebarsHow to hide the default sidebars in the default layout of Quartz. Notes December 9, 2023

Show Recent Notes only on the my Quartz home pageI wanted to show Recent Notes on my Quartz home page, but no other page. To accomplish this: In your code editor, browse to the quartz > Notes December 6, 2023

Hide Backlinks from Quartz home pageI wanted to hide the Backlinks component from my Quartz home page. I don’t need to show them there. To accomplish this: In your code editor, browse Notes December 2, 2023

NVMA quick summary of what NVM is and some common commands. Notes November 23, 2023

Add Tinylytics to Obsidian PublishHow to add Tinylytics script to your Obsidian Publish site. Notes August 8, 2023

H-CardsAn h-card is an open microformat standard for embedding data in HTML, often used to establish online identity. However, you can easily add your own Notes January 12, 2023

Interstitial JournalingA productivity technique created by Tony Stubblebine, Interstitial Journaling combines note-taking with time tracking. (Cunff 2020) To implement Notes December 13, 2022

Using a working memory file to stay productive during the dayUse a Working Memory file, which is a simple text file where you capture things throughout the day. Notes December 2, 2022

Adding Web Sign-In to your siteHow to configure web sign-in for your site. Notes December 1, 2022

Add Plausible Analytics to your Obsidian Publish siteHow to add Plausible Analytics to your Obsidian Publish site. notes August 6, 2022

New to Mac? Here are some tips to help be productiveI recently switched my setup to a Mac. As a long-time Windows user, this is quite a jarring transition. There were some things I immediately missed Notes May 28, 2022

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