The taste of coffee

Sweet, Dark Chocolate with hints of citrus.

Tastes like a good medium-roast coffee to me.

Medium-dark roast with notes of oaky dry wine, dried raspberries, and brown sugar.

This one also tastes like a good medium-roast coffee.

This medium roast coffee is bright and expressive, like a Southern Jaquan after three shots of espresso. It sports a juicy body with lasting sweetness, reminiscent of summer flings and butterfly wings. Flavor notes sing of lime, orange blossom honey, and vanilla. For if not to sing, WTF are we doing here?

I definitely get hints of butterfly wings. Not! But still, it is a good medium-roast coffee.

I enjoy my coffee.

I drink it black and usually a darker roast. I use the pour-over method and fresh grounds.

I can tell the difference between types of roasts. I tend to prefer the darker, smokier roasts.

I’m subscribed to Trade Coffee and get a new bag about every 10 days, which is convenient and gives me a chance to try a variety of beans.

For the most part, they all taste the same to me. If I compare them side-by-side, I can tell slight differences, but to say one has a hint of dark chocolate, citrus, bacon, etc., seems to be simply marketing.

Do you have a different opinion? Have a favorite coffee you would recommend?

January 14, 2024
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