Using a working memory file to stay productive during the day

I created a Working Memory file that I’ll use throughout the day. I learned this from Cal Newport, although I’m sure he didn’t invent the idea.

The idea is to have a single text file open all day that you use to write all of your notes, today’s tasks, etc. Similar to a Daily Note available in some applications, like Roam Research, Logseq, or Obsidian, except this file persists from day to day.

I clean up the file daily, move tasks to my task system, and save important notes into my note application. My Working Memory file also has a list of active projects with the current status that I keep up to date, as well as a short list of things I want to remember.

The purpose is not to jump in and out of applications all day, which is one of my struggles.

I’m on Windows (for work), and Notepad was too basic; I tried iAWriter, but while I like writing with Markdown, I don’t want to see the Markdown. Now, I’m trying Typora, which uses Markdown, but with a live preview.

So far, I love this approach. It keeps everything within easy reach and forces me to review every day.

December 2, 2022
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