Differences between Google Reminders and Google Tasks

If you use Google products, then you have likely seen both Google Reminders and Google Tasks. While they are not precisely standalone applications themselves, they are integrated with other Google Services such as Gmail and Google Calendar. It is undoubtedly confusing to know when reminders and when to use tasks.

In this article, I’ll cover:

  • How to access Google Reminders

  • How to access Google Tasks

  • Differences between Google Reminders and Google Tasks in regards to functionality, where they are accessed, and where they can be created.

  • How Google Calendar handles Reminders vs. Tasks

  • The ability to import Google Reminders into Google Tasks

Newsletter Digest in SharePoint Online

One of the new features rolled out recently to SharePoint Online is the ability to create a newsletter digest. It's possible this has not rolled out to all tenants yet. If you do not see the option, you may get it before long.

Since I work on multiple projects across various clients simultaneously, I need to keep track of my hours very closely so that I can bill my clients accurately and to quickly recall what I was working on a particular day and time. In my search for the most efficient way to handle this, I found many great tools along the way.