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Eric Gregorich

Hi there! I'm Eric Gregorich. I design and build software solutions that help companies and people be more productive. I write about various topics, including Self-Development, PKM, Programming, and solutions on the Microsoft Platform.

The Microsoft Roundup is where I share some of the best content I discover (and create) about Microsoft 365, Power Apps, Power Platform, and more. 
The Focustivity newsletter is where I share content and resources about Self Development and Personal Knowledge Management.


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Focustivity #7

Walk through Ali’s Second Brain. P.O.P Goals. Make your phone boring. PKM Semantics. Production with your notes. Mind Gardens, and app updates.

Pensacola Beach

Tot Pocket

Tot Pocket is a simple app that allows you to write text on one of seven pages. It syncs seemlessly across devices.

One of the screens in Tot Pocket.

Use NVM to manage Node versions

NVM allows you to install multiple versions of Node.js onto your machine, allowing you to switch between versions without actually reinstalling.

Microsoft Roundup

Microsoft Roundup #1

I'm Eric Gregorich, a Solution Architect specializing in the Microsoft platforms. The following is a weekly newsletter where I share some of the best content I discover (and create) about Microsoft 365, Power Apps,  Power Platform, and more. Development How to upgrade your SPfx project to the latest version, and

Microsoft Roundup #1

Focustivity #6

Time Block Projects. YouTube notes to Readwise with Apple Shortcuts. Limited Cognition. Read with an Alternate Index. Perfect Notes. PKM Podcast.

Focustivity #6

Schedule time to work on projects rather than tasks

We’re always told to break down our projects into next actions, which are the very next thing that must be done to move a project forward. The next actions are actionable (start with a verb). They take the guesswork out of what needs to be done. The challenge I’

Schedule time to work on projects rather than tasks
Power Apps

How to access environment variables in a Canvas Power App

How to access Environment Variables for text and other data type values from your canvas Power App. Useful for managing settings for environments.

An example app with a text label control.

Enable custom scripting for SharePoint Online site.

How to enable custom scripting on a SharePoint site. This allows features such as Saving a list as a template to work.


Use Apple Shortcuts to send notes on YouTube videos to Readwise

An Apple Shortcut that takes a YouTube URL retrieves the Title, prompts for the Author, and Notes, then adds it as a new highlight in Readwise.

An overview of the Apple Shortcut

Focustivity #5

Building a Second Brain. Remote Work but not from home. Analog time management. Knowledge Pipelines. Happyness. The impact of unfinished tasks.

Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte