• “Every book should be read no more slowly than it deserves, and no more quickly than you can read it with satisfaction and comprehension.” — Mortimer J. Adler

  • Finished reading: A Philosophy of Software Design by John Ousterhout 📚

    A good book that explains how to recognize the complexity of software design and provides many recommendations for how to overcome it, by making it obvious, using modular design, abstraction, comments, and naming conventions.

  • Currently reading: Driving Value with Sprint Goals by Maarten Dalmijn 📚

  • Bypass first access consent dialog in Power Apps

    How to use PowerShell to disable the consent dialog showing when a user opens Power Apps for the first time or when a new connection is added. Set Consent Bypass PowerShell can disable the consent dialog when the user opens the Power App for the first time or when a new connection is added. … read more

  • What is a GUID and how do I create one?

    The GUID is created using the computer’s network address, generating the GUID, the current date and time, and a random number. GUIDs are often used as unique identifiers. It is technically possible to have more than one GUID be the same, but it must be generated from the same computer … read more

  • Microsoft Power Automate Approval Types

    Microsoft Power Automate has two main Approval Types. Everyone must approve - All approvers must approve. First to respond - Requires approval from one approver. First to respond When one approver approves (or rejects), their approval task is marked as Approved (or Rejected) and moved to history. … read more

  • I like the idea of creating static pages that I can continuously update over time.

    This type of content does not fit as well in a chronological blog since they are always updated and are not relevant to a specific date.

    I created a Tools I use page and a Search Engines page to start.

    I can imagine a wide variety of use cases for this.

  • Tools I use Page

    While moving things around on my sites a few weeks ago, I realized I lost the “Tools I Use” page that I had set up. This is one of the downsides to changing things too often. Anyway, I created a new page. I decided to use my Obsidian Publish account since I still have an ongoing … read more

  • My Apple Vision Pro Demo

    I had an opportunity to do a demo of the Apple Vision Pro yesterday. The following is a write-up of my experience. The Demo My store had a section blocked off with a couple of tables where a few people can do the demo all at the same time. It was a sitting experience and quite loud in the room, … read more

  • Thoughts about code comments

    For many years, I thought my code should be clean and easy to read, and therefore I don’t need to use comments. The code itself should be “self-documenting”. Over time, my view on comments has changed. I’ve learned to appreciate comments in my solutions, especially when I’m not the only developer. … read more

  • Validate your Power Automate Licenses

    Microsoft has provided some PowerShell that allows admins to check their Power Platform Environments for invalid Microsoft Power Automate Licenses before it becomes an issue. Unlicensed Power Automate Flows will be turned off. Microsoft is enforcing licensing on all Power Automate flows. The flow … read more

  • Currently reading: The Mountain in the Sea by Ray Nayler 📚

  • Experimenting with Related Posts

    I’m experimenting with “Related Posts,” a feature that might be included in the Cards Theme if it performs well and others are interested in it. You might notice “See Also” or “Related” at the bottom of some posts on my blog. These currently use categories to identify posts that are relevant to the … read more

  • Finished reading: Reader, Come Home: The Reading Brain in a Digital World by Maryanne Wolf 📚

    I really enjoyed the first half of this book. I admittedly lost interest in the second half.

  • Losing the ability to read and think deeply

    I'm losing my ability to read deeply and understand what I'm reading, and I'm not alone. I used to be able to sit with a book for hours at a time, fully immersed. I'd put the book down and still think about what I read, processing it and making connections. This led to a deeper understanding of the … read more

  • Using Vivaldi browser, for now

    I remember a few months ago, I installed the Vivaldi browser and almost immediately uninstalled it. It seemed overwhelming with all the features, including Email, Calendar, RSS, Sidebar, multiple tab rows, and many other features. After hearing good things about Vivaldi over the months, I gave it … read more

  • Cards Theme Version 1.8.3

    The Micro.blog Cards Theme has been updated to version 1.8.3. We now have separate options (again) for displaying categories on various page types, such as Home, Categories, Archive, and the Post itself. Special thanks to @lostinhate for the pull request! Additionally, when the “Show RSS Link … read more

  • Post to Micro.blog from Drafts (With Categories!)

    New Post to Micro.blog Drafts Script (With Categories!) | Craig McClellan Craig provided a Drafts template that will post to Micro.blog from Drafts and also prompt you for the categories you want to include in your post! This makes Draft one step closer to being my one writting app. read more

  • Create a hidden category on Micro.blog

    I wanted to create a new category, "Newsletter," that I can use to tag which posts appear in my weekly newsletter. But I don't want that "Newsletter" category to appear on the blog itself. The solution seems relatively simple. I created the "Newsletter" category, added some posts, and then … read more

  • The story behind the Cards Theme

    As many of you know, I’m the creator of the Cards Theme for Micro.blog. I thought I would share a little bit of history about me and why I decided to create a theme in the first place. Around 2001, I got my first job in IT working as the sole helpdesk employee at a remote office. It was a … read more