SharePoint Web Services

SharePoint has several web services available that make it easy to access and manipulate content and configure SharePoint (WSS and MOSS) from external applications. Here is a quick list and general information about each service.

Administration Web Service
Authentication Web Service
Alerts Web Service
Copy Web Service
Document Workspace Web Service
Forms Web Service
Imaging Web Service
List Data Retrieval Web Service
Lists Web Service
  • Purpose:Create and manage SharePoint lists
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/lists.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: AddAttachment, AddDiscussionBoardItem, AddList, AddListFormFeature, ApplyContentTypeToList, CheckInFile, CheckOutFile, CreateContentType, DeleteAttachment, DeleteContentType, DeleteContentTypeXmlDocument, DeleteList, GetAttachmentCollection, GetList, GetListAndView, GetListCollection, GetListContentType, GetListContentTypes, GetListItemChanges, GetListItemChangesSinceToken, GetListItems, GetVersionCollection, UndoCheckOut, UpdateContentType, UpdateContentTypeXmlDocument, UpdateContentTypesXmlDocument, UpdateList, UpdateListItems
Meetings Web Service
People Web Service
Permissions Web Service
Site Data Web Service
Sites Web Service
Users and Groups Web Service
  • Purpose: Manage SharePoint users and groups
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/usergroup.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: AddGroup, AddGroupToRole, AddRole, AddRoleDef, AddUserCollectionToGroup, AddUserCollectionToRole, AddUserToGroup, GetAllUserCollectionFromWeb, GetGroupCollection, GetGroupCollectionFromRole, GetGroupCollectionFromSite, GetGroupCollectionFromuser, GetGroupCollectionFromWeb, GetGroupInfo, GetRoleCollection, GetRoleCollectionFromGroup, GetRoleCollectionFromUser, GetRoleCollectionFromWeb, GetRoleInfo, GetRolesAndPermissionsForCurrentUser, GetRolesAndPermissionsForSite, GetUserCollection, GetUserCollectionFromGroup, GetUserCollectionFromRole, GetUserCollectionFromSite, GetUserCollectionFromWeb, GetUserInfo, GetUserLoginFromEmail, RemoveGroup, RemoveGroupFromRole, RemoveRole, RemoveUserCollectionFromGroup, RemoveUserCollectionFromRole, RemoveUserCollectionFromSite, RemoveUserFromGroup, RemoveUserFromRole, RemoveUserFromSite, RemoveUserFromWeb, UpdateGroupInfo, UpdateRoleDefInfo, UpdateRoleInfo, UpdateUserInfo
Versions Web Service
Views Web Service
Web Part Pages Web Service
  • Purpose:Manage SharePoint Web Parts
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/webpartpages.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: AddWebPart, AddWebPartToZone, AssociateWorkflowMarkup, ConvertWebPartFormat, DeleteWebPart, ExecuteProxyUpdates, FetchLegalWorkflowActions, GetAssemblyMetaData, GetBindingResourceData, GetCustomControlList, GetDataFromDataSourceControl, GetFormCapabilityFromDataSourceControl, GetSafeAssemblyInfo, GetWebpart, GetWebpart2, GetWebPartCrossPageCompatibililty, GetWebPartPage, GetWebPartPageConnectionInfo, GetWebPartPageDocument, GetWebPartProperties, GetWebPartProperties2, GetXmlDataFromDataSource, RemoveWorkflowAssociation, RenderWebpartForEdit, SaveWebPart, SaveWebPart2, ValidateWorkflowMarkupAndCreateSupportObjects
Webs Web Service
  • Purpose:Manage SharePoint sites and subsites
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/webs.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: CreateContentType, CustomizeCss, DeleteContentType, GetActivatedFeatures, GetAllSubWebCollection, GetColumns, GetContentType, GetContentTypes, GetCustomizedPageStatus, GetListTemplates, GetWeb, GetWebCollection, RemoveContentTypeXmlDocument, RevertAllFileContentStreams, RevertCss, RevertFileContentStream, UpdateColumns, UpdateContentType, UpdateContentTypeXmlDocument, WebUrlFromPageUrl

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