My SharePoint 2010 Development Toolbox

I thought I would share the tools that I use everyday in my SharePoint 2010 development environment.
  1. Visual Studio 2010Visual Studio now has some great enhancements for SharePoint developers, particular around the packaging and deployment of SharePoint solutions.
  2. CKS: Development ToolsThis project extends Visual Studio 2010 with some great tools and templates. I first discovered CKS Development Tools when I needed to convert my old SharePoint 2007 WSPBuilder projects to the new Visual Studio 2010 format. It provides other great tools for developers to allow for quick deployment, debugging, etc.…
  3. Visual Studio 2010 SharePoint Power ToolsThese tools extend Visual Studio 2010 by allowing you to create a Sandbox-compatible Visual Web Part and also validation of sandbox solution during compile.
  4. SPWakeUpEvery developer has experienced that initial wait while your site warms up for the first time after booting up your machine.SPWakeUp is a simple script that touches your SharePoint sites in order to wake them up before you need to access them.
  5. FiddlerFiddler is great for debugging http(s) traffic from your application.
  6. Telerik JustCodeTelerik JustCode is a great tool for helping developers write cleaner and more efficient code. It does a great job at formatting your code to help keep it clean and easy to read. It is also great for refactoring and also provides code generation features to allow you to quickly generate code snippets to save you from typing more than necessary.
  7. Silverlight ToolkitThe Silverlight Toolkit provides some great new components for Silverlight development.
  8. SharePoint DesignerSharePoint Designer has been greatly improved as well.

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