4 new updates to Microsoft Planner - Making Due Dates more useful

Microsoft Planner has a few new updates that make it much more useful for daily task tracking and planning.

1. Group by Date

Before this update, assigning a due date in planner wasn't very useful. There was no way to see which tasks were due unless you looked at each card individually. Now you can group your tasks by date, allowing you to see what is past due, due today, due this week, due in the future, or has no date assigned.


This allows us to plan out our projects more efficiently if we like to use dates as a driver for when things need to be done.

You can also group by date from your My Tasks page so you can organize your own tasks across all of your projects in Planner.

2. Receive an email when a task is late, due or upcoming

Now that Due Dates are more useful while in Planner, we now have another bonus. If you are assigned a task that is late, due today, or upcoming, you will receive an email in your inbox stating what is due. This can serve as helpful reminders that we have tasks scheduled.


3. Group by Label

In addition to grouping by date, we can also group by Label. You can make your labels anything you want in Planner. This gives you another great way to organize the tasks for your project.


4. Filter Tasks

Do you need to quickly find a specific task in Planner? Now you can filter your tasks in the project by keyword, due date, or assignment. You can even select multiple values.


What's next?

I assume the mobile Planner app will soon be updated to allow some of these features. I also believe a calendar feed is coming soon. I'm hopeful that more integration with other servers is on the near-term roadmap.

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