While over the past decade, “Productivity” books try to teach you how to be productive and get things done, “I Didn’t Do The Thing Today” jumps on the recent “Anti-productivity” bandwagon and reminds us that to be genuinely productive, we need to relax, rest, and embrace the unexpected.

I Didn’t Do The Thing Today by Madeleine Dore

Key Ideas

  • We can’t compare how productive we are to others because we all have unique circumstances and objectives.
  • The unexpected and unplanned are often the best part of our days, yet we consider it a “bad day” when things don’t go as planned. Our routines and schedules should guide us but not induce guilt when they are broken.
  • Preparation, Incubation, Illumination, and Verification are the 4 stages of creativity.
  • If we determine the things we “could” do and be more flexible with when we do them, perhaps the most important things to use will surface and become part of our day without being forced.

Action Items

  • Create a plan for the day to act as a guide.
  • Keep a list of things I “can” do based on my current time and energy.
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