Writing what’s on my mind is something I struggle with. I think the issue is not the writing itself; it’s the distractions and mind wandering. I have difficulty focusing for a long enough period to produce something worth reading.

Even when I get on track and start writing something, I lose focus and never finish what I started, or more often, I wrap it up early and hit publish. “Good enough.”. Maybe that’s why I enjoy Micro.blog so much since it quickly makes it easy to post something without giving it much thought.

I also get distracted by tools and apps. Changing my system will always fix the problem, right?

I enjoy writing and think it helps me clear my mind. It is one of the few things I do that forces me to focus. So, I don’t want to stop.

To help improve my writing, I will try a few obvious things.

  1. Block distractions as much as possible.
  2. Dedicate the same time every day to writing.
  3. Continue to post short thoughts (like this) on my blog.
  4. I’m tempted to create a new blog (maybe on Substack?) where I post long-form essays. The kind that requires a lot of time and research. This would be more of an exercise to create a routine and dedicate time to something I enjoy.
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