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  • 🎮 I’ve been enjoying Zelda TOTK. It’s really fun and relaxing (most of the time) to explore this huge open world. The creative possibilities are amazing with the new crafting system.

  • I’ll probably unsubscribe from Grammarly when my subscription is up.

    I dropped it altogether on my work machine in favor of Microsoft Editor instead for security and cost reasons.

    For personal use, I’m not using grammar checking other than the occasional check using Raycast AI or Bing chat.

  • Currently reading: The Gap and The Gain by Dan Sullivan 📚

  • I bit the bullet and purchased a new iPhone case (that barely qualifies as a case) called the Arc Pulse.

    It only covers the corners and camera and provides solid protection in those areas, but the rest of the phone is exposed.

    I actually love it because it doesn’t feel like using a case at all!

    iPhone 14 Pro with Arc Pulse Case
  • I finished moving my notes from Obsidian, Apple Notes, and even Evernote into Bear. I don’t have too many notes so this want a big deal. But having one place for all my notes is a nice feeling.

    I chose Bear because it is fast, simple, and easy to export a note into various formats.

  • If you’re into self-help books but don’t want to waste time, check out Bookworm Podcast. Hosts Joe Buhlig and Mike Schmitz drop a new episode every couple of weeks, and they give a thorough review of each book. It’s been a huge help for me when it comes to deciding which books I wanna read.

  • Microsoft Outlook has made significant progress in recent years. The recently released Outlook client (preview) for Windows has seen remarkable development in the past few months. While the features are largely taken from the Outlook web client, I am highly impressed with its progress.

  • What I dislike most about Obsidian is how notes are accessed though a file explorer-like interface with no nice list of notes with preview, thumbnail, etc., as you get in most apps like Bear.

    That seems like it could be a plugin. I’ll need to check to see if it already exists.

  • My wife enjoyed being pampered all day for Mother’s Day so much that she went and broke her foot! Now she gets to be waited on for a few weeks while she heals.

  • Things 3 is a pleasure to use

    I’ve been using Things 3 for all my personal and work tasks, and it’s been a joy. I wish more apps would copy its simplicity and ease of use. One of my favorite features is the ability to navigate and search by typing without switching to my mouse, and adding a task is also effortless … read more

  • Did you know you can configure the iPhone to execute an action when you double or triple-tap the back of the phone?

    By default, it opens your notifications, but you can change it in Settings > Accessibility > Back Tap.

    I have mine configured to run a shortcut to capture a reminder.

  • UpNote loses a paying customer

    I’ve been using Bear Notes for personal notes for the past week and enjoy it. I would use Bear for work if it was available on Windows and was local only. I then remembered UpNote. UpNote is a notes app I’ve tried in the past that is highly similar to Bear, but it is cross-platform and is … read more

  • I’m immediately spending the time to write coherent notes rather than adding ideas to a backlog thinking I’ll do it later.

    Same for reading articles and processing information. If it’s important enough to capture, I spend a few minutes doing it right and helping out my future self.

    I try to at least.

  • For those who watch many YouTube videos (not me, of course 🫣), you-tldr is a service that will use AI to extract a summary and transcript from any YouTube video. Free users can only summarize videos up to 30 minutes long (not bad).

  • I’ve given Stage Manager on macOS another try, but it seems like a mess. I’m not entirely sure how to use it, and I don’t think it’s working well for me. I want to give it a fair chance, but at the moment, it’s just not clicking. Does anyone use it effectively?

  • I’ve started using Pipelines for one of my client’s Power Platform environments. This new feature allows us to configure deployment pipelines to publish solutions from Dev to UAT to Production. A huge time saver and allows me to delegate deployments!

    Power Platform Pipelines
  • Another full day of softball. Beautiful sunny yet cool weather. The girls seem to be having a lot of fun today.

  • I’m playing around with Obsidian Publish again since they cut the price in half and pushed out a few updates. Your published notes can now have permalinks, which means the URL won’t change even if I reorganize my notes. This is a big deal for me!

  • The team at Obsidian has announced that Obsidian Publish is now 50% cheaper and has even more features. Obsidian Publish received a facelift recently, has better SEO and, we can finally edit permalinks, images, and page descriptions using YAML!

  • My Workspace update: April 16, 2023

    I cleaned up my workspace this week and loved it so far. Desk Years ago, I purchased a huge desk with a hidden compartment to store all the cables, adapters, power bricks, and even my dock. It has enough space to hold plenty of equipment comfortably. Monitors I have an LG Ultrawide monitor with … read more

  • My daughter (17) is going to prom tonight with her boyfriend. I don’t feel old enough for this. We’re about to get some pictures and send her off!

    I’m so proud of how much she has accomplished in life already.

  • Want to read: Shareware Heroes by Richard Moss 📚

  • I’ve been busy rebuilding an old workflow solution with modern APIs in a modular format enabling my team to reuse components across many solutions.

    It’s been a lot of fun, and easy to lose track of time!

  • The Brain vs. The List

    “Your digital task manager and calendar help “collect” all the things you need to do, both today and for the future. Your analog notebook helps you sit down, take a deep breath, and think through what’s most important for this week and for today." (Chloe, The Brain vs. The List)

    I’ve been using this approach lately and enjoy it. I store everything digitally but work from paper. It helps me remove distractions, and processing my notes and even rewriting is a great way to prioritize.

  • I updated my blog to show long posts on the home page and a separate ”Micro Posts” page.

    Long posts are truncated and have a link. Micro posts show the full content.

    I had both types of posts on the home page together. I can’t decide if I stay with separate pages or mixed together?