"Mailbrew has published a blog post stating that it was purchased by Upnext, which owns and develops the Upnext read-later service and Brief, a daily AI digest service.

Mailbrew is a service that aggregates your favorite content from newsletters, RSS, YouTube, Twitter, and many other services, and sends you a digest email according to the schedule you set.

I’ve used Mailbrew since it was first released to send me a daily digest of my favorite RSS feeds, YouTube videos, and Twitter lists. I stopped using it when the service seemed to be abandoned without any communication (that I was aware of).

Apparently, the service is back and even has a new Feedback site where we can request features and see what’s on the roadmap.

What I appreciate most about Mailbrew is its ability to schedule daily updates that I can count on every evening for a quick review. It’s ideal for content that I want to stay updated on, such as YouTube videos, Hacker News, Reddit, and more, without cluttering my RSS feed."

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