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As I get older (now 47), maintaining my health has become more important than ever, and I’ve been neglecting it recently. It could be worse, but it’s certainly not great.

I’ve been focusing on improving several key health habits, including sleep, exercise, and nutrition.

One habit I hope will be beneficial is consistently monitoring my fitness. This includes tracking my weight, body fat, sleep, and other factors.

I’ve tried calorie counting in the past, but it didn’t stick. It was too much work. However, I believe that weighing myself every day or at least every few days would be manageable.

I started with a basic bathroom scale. It was rather mundane and required me to manually use my phone, which I usually don’t have on hand when I’m weighing myself, to open the health app and log my weight.

So, today, I decided to buy a “smart” scale. There were more options for these devices than I expected.

The most crucial feature, aside from measuring my weight, was that it needed WiFi sync to automatically synchronize with my phone without any effort on my part.

Being the person I am, I delved into the technical specifications of these scales and ended up buying one of the most expensive consumer options available, the Withings Body Comp.

Now, I can not only weigh myself daily but also track all sorts of other metrics that I don’t fully understand.

I’m sure this scale will be like all the other gadgets I get excited about and purchase. It will undoubtedly change my life, until it doesn’t.

But seriously, I’m hoping to establish some basic habits that will help me stay in this world a bit longer.

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