TeuxDeux has been my go-to tool for managing both my work and personal tasks, along with some weekly planning. The interface is clean and straightforward, presenting a weekly view with customizable lists underneath.

A screenshot of my TeuxDeux setup.

I typically keep the application active on my secondary, smaller screen, which is positioned beneath my primary widescreen monitor. It serves as an excellent dashboard, enabling me to quickly glance at upcoming tasks and record notes and tasks.

TeuxDeux also provides some advanced features, such as recurring tasks, simple markdown, color coding, and the ability to create tasks via email. Additionally, there is an app available for both iOS and Android.

I usually plan my week by manually adding any calendar events into TeuxDeux and color coding them. I use green to signify client meetings, yellow for internal meetings, and blue for personal events.

Although there is no direct connection to a calendar, I am comfortable with this setup. I enjoy planning my week in this manner. I prefer time blocking in TeuxDeux because when I attempt to block time on my actual calendar, I constantly need to rearrange it, which makes my calendar feel cluttered.

I don’t usually put much in the daily blocks, instead, I work from the lists at the bottom. An exception is when a task must be completed on a specific day, and my calendar events.

I have separate tabs for Personal, Work, Wish Lists, and Someday. Each tab contains a few lists. My Personal and Work lists serve as my contexts (Admin, Chores, Research, Development, etc.)

I believe TeuxDeux may be one of the simplest task management apps I’ve used. It’s like having a large sheet of paper in front of me. I absolutely love it!

Here is a quick introduction video from the founder.