After giving iA Writer another brief go, I’m sticking with Ulysses.

Ulysses has a customizable writing experience, handles images well, has built-in grammar tools, and, most importantly, has seamless publishing to, where my sites are hosted.

These reasons make Ulysses the easiest to open up on mobile (which I’m doing now) or the Mac and start writing. If it’s something I want to share, I hit publish.

I’ve also tried Obsidian, Typora, and Reflect. Each has some excellent features, but from a writing and publishing perspective, none are as simple and reliable as Ulysses.

My biggest issue is that Ulysses is Mac and iOS only. If I want to write a blog post for The Power Architect, I must do it from my Mac. Maybe that’s a better experience anyway.

As far as notes go, I’ve been dumping private notes into Apple Notes and everything else into Ulysses. Much of it gets posted to my blog. I’m not a big note taker lately.

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