Looking back on 2023, I realize this blog has stuck around even as I jump from app to app and service to service. I attribute that to @manton’s great work creating a solid platform and a fantastic community.

While I’ve changed things a bit, including the theme and domain, the foundation remains. This blog is where I can post my thoughts, no matter how brief. I can post notes, quotes I enjoy, links I find interesting, photos of things I’ve experienced, and even books I’m reading.

I’ll never go back to posting to social media or even creating a newsletter with the content starting here, where I own and control it.

What’s next?

I’m not one to share much online; I started to break out of that shell in 2023. I plan to do more and see where it goes. I go to this site to find past notes nearly as often as I go to my actual notes app. I may embrace that and keep adding more content that I find helpful in hopes others find the same.

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