In praise of the particular, and other lessons from 2023 | Andy Matuschak

So in 2023, I switched gears to emphasize intimacy. Instead of statistical analysis and summative interviews, I sat next to individuals for hours, as they used one-off prototypes which I’d made just for them. And I got more insight in the first few weeks of this than I had in all of 2022.

Andy’s article makes me think about a significant project that involves getting a large organization to adopt standard processes.

Nearly every small team at this company has developed its own process to achieve the same goal over the years. Selling them a new way of doing things has been a chore.

Designing this overarching process has been a challenge. To Andy’s point, spending time with individuals has been more beneficial than meeting in groups. It’s more time-consuming and rewarding and often results in better information to use for the solution.

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