I was reviewing my subscriptions and realized that my Setapp account was going to renew very soon. I audited the applications I’m actually using through Setapp and found that I was down to a few apps: Bartender, Chronicle, Lungo, CleanShotX, Sip, and CleanMyMac.

  • Chronicle was for viewing all of my subscriptions. I moved them all into Things 3.
  • CleanMyMac I only use to uninstall applications. Raycast does this pretty well also.
  • I replaced Lungo with Caffeine.
  • I don’t take many screenshots from my Mac, so I’ll try to get away with the built in tools rather than CleanShotX. I do highly recommend CleanShotX though.
  • Sip was for a color picker and color management. Again, that’s built into Raycast.
  • After cleaning up, my menu bar doesn’t have much in it. No need for Bartender.

Unrelated to Setapp, I was using Divvy for window management. I replaced that with the built-in window management in Raycast.

I’ve been using the window management, snippets, and AI in Raycast quite a bit lately, along with all the other default features it provides. It’s a very useful tool.

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