I remember a few months ago, I installed the Vivaldi browser and almost immediately uninstalled it. It seemed overwhelming with all the features, including Email, Calendar, RSS, Sidebar, multiple tab rows, and many other features. 

After hearing good things about Vivaldi over the months, I gave it another try. This time, I turned off the features I didn’t want to use. After that, it became a solid, cross-platform browser that seemed reliable and useful.

Over time, I have started using more features of Vivaldi, including the sidebar, split screens, and other customizable features such as themes, custom address bar filtering, and custom search engines. 

I am also using the Vivaldi mobile app, which is solid. 

I know everyone is talking about Arc these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Arc UI. I am hesitant about all the AI integrations. I may revisit Arc when it has full cross-platform support (for me, that’s Windows, iOS, and macOS). For now, I am a happy Vivaldi user. 

I am sure someone will soon tell me that I shouldn’t use Vivaldi because one of the Vivaldi programmers bumped into a dolphin and didn’t apologize for it. But Vivaldi, as a company, seems like a solid choice.

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