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I write about various topics ranging from productivity and personal knowledge management to programming and solution engineering.

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More About Me

I grew up in Pennsylvania. I was in the United States Air Force for 4 years, stationed in Rapid City, SD. I have been living in Atlanta, GA, since 2000. My first IT job involved backing up systems to prepare for Y2K. I soon discovered my interest in web design and development.

Since then, I have worked with many things, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, REACT.js, ASP.NET, and SQL. Starting in 2006, I began building solutions on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

Today, I work with customers to understand their business requirements and design solutions that best meet their needs. These solutions primarily use Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and/or Azure.

I also have interests in anything related to technology and how to be mindful and disconnect from technology to remain focused and enjoy life!

Tell me about you!

Let me know what your interested in. You can reach me on Twitter @ericgregorich or LinkedIn.

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