Accessing your Power Apps Environment Variables

Environment Variables allow you to define values that can be changed between different environments. This is especially helpful when deploying a Solution between Dev, Testing, and Production environments. The Environment Variables act as a configuration for the solution that can be different in each environment. This is how we can access those variables from our canvas Power Apps.

Add an Environment Variable to your Solution

  • Browse to your Solution.
  • Select New > More > Environment Variable.
  • Fill out the Panel with your details. For this example, I’m adding a simple text Data Type.

Add the variable to your Power App

  • Edit your Canvas App.
  • Open the Data panel and add the Environment Variable Definitions and the Environment Variable Values data sources.
  • Add a text label to your screen.
  • In the Text property of your label to the following, update the Schema Name to the name of the variable you created (not the Display Name).
 'Environment Variable Values',
 'Environment Variable Definition'.'Schema Name' = "demo_DemoTextVariable",
  • Your label should now display the value you added to the Environment Variable!

January 24, 2024
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