Add a line break in Power Automate

Eric Gregorich

When using Power Automate, we're often using actions that will automatically handle the formatting of text. An example of this would be the Email action. We can type the text we want and use the Enter key to put in any line breaks. Or we can even provide straight HTML to do this as well.

But sometimes, we're appending data from various sources and appending the data to a string. We may want to wrap each line. An example of this is when we use the Append to String variable action.

In this example, we're appending multiple strings to the single string variable.

The result of the above Flow would be as follows:

We may want to wrap each line. This is especially helpful when appending data dynamically as opposed to just two lines like in this example.

Now, if we update this Flow and in each place where we want a line break, we have a couple of options.

Add an HTML line break.

If we use the output supports HTML (like the Email actions), we can add an HTML break '<br/>' to the end of our line.

Adding a simple <br/> to the end of our line.

Use JSON to add a new line.

If your output action does not support HTML but rather JSON, you may want to try this option. Where ever you want a line break, open the expression dialog and enter the following: