Essential things to know about AI Builder Pricing

Eric Gregorich

AI Builder allows you to bring Microsoft AI capabilities to your business processes. It is integrated with Power Apps and Power Automate.


December 17, 2020, pricing for AI Builder starts at a monthly fee of $500 per unit. You will want to use the Pricing Calculator to get a cost estimate for your usage.

Here are some essential things to know about the pricing:

  • When processing a multi-page document, each page counts as one unit.
  • Power Automate, and Power Apps premium license is separate.
  • If your organization has SharePoint Syntex licenses, if you have less than 300 licensed users, then you still need a separate AI Builder license.
If you have 300 or more SharePoint Syntex licenses for SharePoint Syntex in your organization, you will be allocated one million AI Builder credits. If you have fewer than 300 licenses, you must purchase AI Builder credits in order to use forms processing.

Example Pricing

Suppose we wanted to use the Forms Processing functionality to extract key-value pairs and table data from form documents, according to the pricing calculator. In that case, we can process 1600 pages with 1 unit ( $500 monthly ). Currently, anything over 1600 pages will take us up to 2 units ( $1000 monthly ).

Is it worth the price?

At first glance, this is expensive. We need to look at our ROI to see if it is worth doing. How many hours per month are your employees spending on these tedious tasks? If you calculate the hours per month times the hourly wage of each employee, you should know how much your spending on these tasks. Can AI Builder replace these tasks so your employees can work on other things?

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