Apply a SharePoint Online Site Design using Power Automate

4 months ago   •   1 min read

By Eric Gregorich

We can call the SharePoint Online REST API from Power Automate and execute the ApplySiteDesign method, which will apply a given design to the target site.

In Power Automate, add the SharePoint Action called "Send an HTTP request to SharePoint".

Property Value
Site Address Set it to the root site
Method Post
Uri /_api/Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.WebTemplateExtensions.SiteScriptUtility.ApplySiteDesign
Headers accept: application/json;odata.metadata=minimal
Body {"siteDesignId": "<>", "webUrl":"<>"}

In the end, it should look similar to this.

Apply Site Design Power Automate

Source: Site design and site script REST API

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