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Microsoft confirms SharePoint Server 2016

Early today, Microsoft had confirmed the upcoming release of SharePoint Server 2016. Here are some quick facts. More details about SharePoint Server 2016 will be announced at the Microsoft Ignite Conference. SharePoint Server 2016 will be generally available in Q2…


Working with List View Thresholds in SharePoint 2013

Thresholds were introduced by Microsoft in SharePoint 2010 in order to prevent large queries from occurring which have an impact on performance of the SharePoint environment. I'll explain why thresholds were introduced, what happens when thresholds are reached, and provide some tips to fine tune your queries to avoid performance and scalability issues.

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You got Bing results in my SharePoint search!

Are you trying to encourage the usage of your own SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint Online search to find all of the great content you have in your environment but find that users still go to Google or Bing first to find information? How can you encourage users to find existing content that has already been created within your organization before going to the web to find a solution?

Maybe the answer is to give users the best of both worlds by integrating internet search results into your SharePoint search. This will allow them to search content within your organization but still be able to quickly see external results as well.

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A review of Office 365 and SharePoint announcements in 2014

It has been a busy year for Microsoft and I thought it would be interesting to take a look back at 2014 and review some of the big SharePoint and Office 365 announcements. I decided to list these by the approximate month they were announced rather than when they were released, since the roll out of new features are often staggered over time.  My original list was enormous, so I cut it back to only include the announcements I thought were the most interesting.

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Quickly search your SharePoint content from Google Chrome

This is an old trick I've been using lately so I thought I would share. If you are a Google Chrome user and happen to also use SharePoint in your organization, you can easily search your SharePoint environment from the Chrome address bar. This is a great shortcut to quickly finding content within your SharePoint environment.

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Starting a SharePoint 2013 workflow programmatically using the JavaScript Client Object Model

The following code snippet shows how to start a SharePoint 2013 workflow using JavaScript. SharePoint 2013 workflows are substantially different than previous SharePoint 2010 workflows. You can read about the SharePoint 2013 architecture here.The code is actually very similar to…

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What is the Office Graph and how can we use it?

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft starting rolling out a new product called Office Delve. Office Delve is currently available to Office 365 customers and can be described as a product that helps you discover content across your business. However, Delve is only a small piece of this puzzle because it is simply the UX (user experience) that utilizes the Office Graph.

The Office Graph is a sophisticated machine learning platform that creates relationships between content, people, and activities that currently sit in Office 365. Here is a video that describes what the Office Graph does and how Delve uses it.