Bending Spoons purchased Evernote

Evernote announced Bending Spoons, a developer of mobile apps had acquired them. Bending Spoons is known for (or not known for) its mobile apps, including, Splice, Remini, and 30 Day Fitness.

Like many, my first thoughts were, this doesn’t make sense. Evernote is doomed!”. However, Bending Spoons must have the funds and technology to take Evernote to the next level. In a way, this is kind of exciting. Let’s hope they don’t blow it.

What does this purchase mean for Evernote? It’s hard to say without knowing more about Bending Spoons. Looking through their website, it appears they’re heavily invested in AI (who isn’t these days). Adding some AI to Evernote could be pretty exciting. Evernote is already great (if not the best) at capturing and storing information. Adding AI to help connect notes, write text, update media, etc., could be a welcome addition. It’s also possible Bending Spoons does absolutely nothing with Evernote, and it’s business as usual.

I’ve been an Evernote user for over a decade and have accumulated nearly 7 thousand notes. Like many, Evernote has become a dumping ground where everything gets added to a massive black hole, never to be seen again. Don’t get me wrong, Evernote search is excellent, and with OCR, notebooks, and tags, users who like to use Evernote for their daily workflow have many options.

I keep jumping into the Evernote app to see what’s new and occasionally to grab an old note. I just haven’t been able to stick with it lately because of the bloat. There are many other simple and sleeker tools out there today.

I must admit that Evernote has come a long way in the past year or two after its massive rewrite. The app is pretty fast and responsive on all platforms. If it had better export and the ability to hide the features I don’t want to use, it would be tempting to use it full-time again. At this point, I’ll wait to see how this acquisition turns out before jumping back in.

November 17, 2022
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