SharePoint Web Services

SharePoint has several web services available that make it easy to access and manipulate content and configure SharePoint (WSS and MOSS) from external applications. Here is a quick list and general information about each service.

Administration Web Service
  • Purpose: Manage and configure SharePoint
  • Access: http://<server-url:port-number>/_vti_bin/admin.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Notes: Only available through central administration. The user must be farm administrator.
  • Operations:CreateSite, DeleteSite, GetLanguages, RefreshConfigCache
Authentication Web Service
Alerts Web Service
Copy Web Service
  • Purpose: Copy files within a SharePoint site or between SharePoint sites. Can be used to upload files into SharePoint.
  • Access:http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/copy.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: CopyIntoItems, CopyIntoItemsLocal, GetItem
Document Workspace Web Service
  • Purpose: Manage Document Workspaces
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/dws.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: CanCreateDwsUrl, CreateDws, CreateFolder, DeleteDws, DeleteFolder, FindDwsDoc, GetDwsData, GetDwsMetaData, RemoveDwsUser, RenameDws, UpdateDwsData
Forms Web Service
Imaging Web Service
  • Purpose:Create and manage picture libraries
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/imaging.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: CheckSubwebAndList, CreateNewFolder, Delete, Download, Edit, GetItemsByIds, GetItemsXMLData, GetListItems, ListPictureLibrary, Rename, Upload
List Data Retrieval Web Service
Lists Web Service
  • Purpose:Create and manage SharePoint lists
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/lists.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: AddAttachment, AddDiscussionBoardItem, AddList, AddListFormFeature, ApplyContentTypeToList, CheckInFile, CheckOutFile, CreateContentType, DeleteAttachment, DeleteContentType, DeleteContentTypeXmlDocument, DeleteList, GetAttachmentCollection, GetList, GetListAndView, GetListCollection, GetListContentType, GetListContentTypes, GetListItemChanges, GetListItemChangesSinceToken, GetListItems, GetVersionCollection, UndoCheckOut, UpdateContentType, UpdateContentTypeXmlDocument, UpdateContentTypesXmlDocument, UpdateList, UpdateListItems
Meetings Web Service
  • Purpose: Manage SharePoint Meeting Workspace sites
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/meetings.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: AddMeeting, AddMeetingFromICal, CreateWorkspace, DeleteWorkspace, GetMeetingWorkspaces, GetMeetingsInformation, RemoveMeeting, SetAttendeeResponse, SetWorkspaceTitle, UpdateMeeting, UpdateMeetingFromICal
People Web Service
Permissions Web Service
  • Purpose: Manage site permissions
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/permissions.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: AddPermission, AddPermissionCollection, GetPermissionCollection, RemovePermission, RemovePermissionCollection, UpdatePermission
Site Data Web Service
  • Purpose: Supports external site indexing
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/sitedata.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: EnumerateFolder, GetAttachments, GetChanges, GetContent, GetList, GetListCollection, GetListItems, GetSite, GetSiteAndWeb, GetSiteUrl, GetURLSegments, GetWeb
Sites Web Service
  • Purpose: Manage SharePoint Site Collections. Migrate content between SharePoint sites.
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/sites.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: ExportWeb, GetSiteTemplates, GetUpdatedFormDigest, ImportWeb
Users and Groups Web Service
  • Purpose: Manage SharePoint users and groups
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/usergroup.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: AddGroup, AddGroupToRole, AddRole, AddRoleDef, AddUserCollectionToGroup, AddUserCollectionToRole, AddUserToGroup, GetAllUserCollectionFromWeb, GetGroupCollection, GetGroupCollectionFromRole, GetGroupCollectionFromSite, GetGroupCollectionFromuser, GetGroupCollectionFromWeb, GetGroupInfo, GetRoleCollection, GetRoleCollectionFromGroup, GetRoleCollectionFromUser, GetRoleCollectionFromWeb, GetRoleInfo, GetRolesAndPermissionsForCurrentUser, GetRolesAndPermissionsForSite, GetUserCollection, GetUserCollectionFromGroup, GetUserCollectionFromRole, GetUserCollectionFromSite, GetUserCollectionFromWeb, GetUserInfo, GetUserLoginFromEmail, RemoveGroup, RemoveGroupFromRole, RemoveRole, RemoveUserCollectionFromGroup, RemoveUserCollectionFromRole, RemoveUserCollectionFromSite, RemoveUserFromGroup, RemoveUserFromRole, RemoveUserFromSite, RemoveUserFromWeb, UpdateGroupInfo, UpdateRoleDefInfo, UpdateRoleInfo, UpdateUserInfo
Versions Web Service
  • Purpose: Manage versions withing SharePoint document libraries
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/versions.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: DeleteAllVersions, DeleteVersion, GetVersions, RestoreVersion
Views Web Service
  • Purpose: Manage SharePoint list views
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/views.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: AddView, DeleteView, GetView, GetViewCollection, GetViewHtml, UpdateView, UpdateViewHtml, UpdateViewHtml2
Web Part Pages Web Service
  • Purpose:Manage SharePoint Web Parts
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/webpartpages.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: AddWebPart, AddWebPartToZone, AssociateWorkflowMarkup, ConvertWebPartFormat, DeleteWebPart, ExecuteProxyUpdates, FetchLegalWorkflowActions, GetAssemblyMetaData, GetBindingResourceData, GetCustomControlList, GetDataFromDataSourceControl, GetFormCapabilityFromDataSourceControl, GetSafeAssemblyInfo, GetWebpart, GetWebpart2, GetWebPartCrossPageCompatibililty, GetWebPartPage, GetWebPartPageConnectionInfo, GetWebPartPageDocument, GetWebPartProperties, GetWebPartProperties2, GetXmlDataFromDataSource, RemoveWorkflowAssociation, RenderWebpartForEdit, SaveWebPart, SaveWebPart2, ValidateWorkflowMarkupAndCreateSupportObjects
Webs Web Service
  • Purpose:Manage SharePoint sites and subsites
  • Access: http://<server-url>/_vti_bin/webs.asmx
  • Available To: WSS and MOSS
  • SDK:
  • Operations: CreateContentType, CustomizeCss, DeleteContentType, GetActivatedFeatures, GetAllSubWebCollection, GetColumns, GetContentType, GetContentTypes, GetCustomizedPageStatus, GetListTemplates, GetWeb, GetWebCollection, RemoveContentTypeXmlDocument, RevertAllFileContentStreams, RevertCss, RevertFileContentStream, UpdateColumns, UpdateContentType, UpdateContentTypeXmlDocument, WebUrlFromPageUrl

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