Access SharePoint on the go with the SharePlus iPhone App

My day job requires me to work within multiple SharePoint sites throughout the day. I use SharePoint to manage projects, keep track of documents, and save valuable reference information. Having all of this data available in one place is a great way to stay organized.

One issue I’ve had is accessing all of that data that sits in SharePoint while away from my laptop. It would be very handy to read a document while sitting in line somewhere, be able to email a document to a client, or quickly see the status of a project.

I use my iphone to access my personal information, play games, and even write drafts for my blog (as I am doing right now). Since my iPhone is such a useful tool for accessing data on the go, it also serves as my access to work email, calendar and tasks while I’m not at my laptop.

I recently discovered “an app for that” called SharePlus by SouthLabs. SharePlus gives me quick access to my SharePoint sites from my phone. I’ve tried SharePoint apps in the past but this one is the first that has easily become a part of my daily routine.

First of all, SharePlus is easy to setup. Just add the URL and credentials to your SharePoint site. Next thing you know you have easy access to all of the lists and libraries within the site. I am very impressed with how fast this application is. It can be a bit slow at times since it is reading from SharePoint web services, but for the most part it is plenty fast enough. One of the best features is the offline browsing. It seems to work very well.

The price tag is a bit steep for an iPhone application at $9.99. But if you want quick and easy access to your SharePoint data then it is well worth the price.

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