The Cards Theme is a simple and lightweight theme for


  • Posts are styled as “Cards,” hence the name of the theme.
  • A wide range of color options.
  • Optimized for performance, accessibility, and SEO.
  • Compatible with other plugins.
  • Easily change the theme colors from your plugin settings.
  • Automatic Dark Mode detection.
  • An option to enable Reading Time on posts greater than 1 minute long.
  • An option to truncate posts on the home and category pages.
  • An option to show Tinylytics Kudos below each post.
  • An option to show your categories below your main navigation.
  • An option to show the time in addition to the date for each post.
  • And more features.

Samples of the Cards Theme

Change Log

For changes to the theme, check out the Cards Theme category on my blog.

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If you experience any issues, you can either create an issue on GitHub, or email me.

Installation Instructions

  • Open the Cards Theme plugin from this link.
  • Select your site from the dropdown and click the Install button.
  • Browse to your plugin page and click the Settings button on the Cards Theme plugin.
  • Update your settings and click Update Settings to save your changes.
  • Check your site (it may take a few minutes).

Upgrade Instructions

Cards Theme Upgrade

  • Browse your plugins page.
  • If there is a new version available, you will see a notice and an Upgrade button.
  • Click the Upgrade button.
  • Check your plugin settings.
  • Enjoy!


Cards Theme Plugin Settigs Screen