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  • Using Vivaldi browser, for now

    I remember a few months ago, I installed the Vivaldi browser and almost immediately uninstalled it. It seemed overwhelming with all the features, including Email, Calendar, RSS, Sidebar, multiple tab rows, and many other features. After hearing good things about Vivaldi over the months, I gave it … read more

  • I was able to cancel my Setapp account

    I was reviewing my subscriptions and realized that my Setapp account was going to renew very soon. I audited the applications I’m actually using through Setapp and found that I was down to a few apps: Bartender, Chronicle, Lungo, CleanShotX, Sip, and CleanMyMac. Chronicle was for viewing all of my … read more

  • Lately, I feel like Grammarly is more of an annoyance than it’s worth. The extension is always getting in the way, and a large part of the time, it doesn’t apply the changes correctly. With so many other options for grammar correction, I’m looking for alternatives.

  • Tot - Working Memory

    I’m experimenting again with Tot by the Inconfactory. It’s a straightforward text app that gives you 7 plain text notes. It syncs across iOS and macOS. I’ve actually talked about it before a long time ago. I’ve been using a “Working Memory” text file extensively lately. I keep a text file on my … read more

  • My thoughts about Hey Calendar

    I had a few days to play around with the new Hey Calendar from 37signals. Here is a 4-minute video of how it works. I give 37signals kudos for thinking outside the box. One thing they’ve done well with Hey email, for better or worse, is try to be original. An original UI/UX and some original … read more

  • Imagine using ChatGPT or a read-later service like Matter or Readwise, and instead of just reading in one of a few preselected voices, it reads in the author’s voice!

    We could add some metadata to our site that gives these services instructions for how to sound and even what tone is appropriate.

  • Readwise advanced tagging from the source

    By utilizing these simple formatting tricks, you can easily organize and categorize your highlights in Readwise, making reviewing and retaining important information from your sources easier. You can do this by simply formatting a note to your highlight. My favorites include: Inline tagging Add a … read more

  • The Snipd podcast app has a snipping and AI component that makes it ideal for capturing and sharing the information you obtain from podcasts.

    You can even sync to Readwise and share to other services. I’ve been capturing and saving to my bookmarks’ manager, so I can reference clips later.

  • Readwise Reader is growing on me.

    I spent some time learning how to configure it to my liking and learned some shortcuts. I removed most of the views, updated the swipe commands, and changed my Library Commands to only Later and Archive. Also, I cleaned up my feed.

  • I’m going all-in with the Readwise Reader app for a while. I’ll see if it is enough to make me switch from Feedbin.

    I’ll need some time to adjust.

    Readwise has a great reading and highlighting experience with the ability to subscribe to RSS, Newsletters, and Twitter.

  • I imported my Readwise collection into my Obsidian vault. The graph view looks like a mess, but I can start seeing where some knowledge is clustered together. I’m thinking the local graph will be more useful day-to-day.

    Eric Gregorich Obsidian Graph 2022-10-20

  • The Readwise Reader app is a great way to keep up with your Twitter feed.

    • Create lists in your Twitter account.
    • Subscribe to those lists in Reader.
    • Receive a digest of each Twitter list twice daily.

    It’s a great way to keep up with what’s happening without going to Twitter!

  • The Readwise Reader app has come a long way over the past year. With built-in RSS, Email, and Twitter support, it has replaced many of my other apps. It’s also just a great reading experience. Powerful on desktop, simple on mobile!