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  • ManicTime - Automatically track your time on Windows

    ManicTime is Windows App that will automatically track your time. Useful for anyone who needs to track time to bill clients, ManicTime can auto-tag your documents, URLs, etc., to your projects, as well as give you an overview of where you spend your time. The data stays on your device! read more

  • Bike Outliner

    Bike Outliner is a simple, native macOS app from the creators of Task Paper. Bike makes creating outlines simple and fast. Unfortunately, it is macOS only right now. It may be worth a look if you like to create outlines for blog posts, books, projects, or brainstorming. read more

  • Discover the Right Reading Workflow with Readwise Reader

    By default, Readwise Reader has an Inbox, Later, and Archive location. If I wanted to read something, do I put it in my Inbox or Later? And what’s this Shortlist? It can be pretty confusing for someone who wants a simple reading list. Fortunately, there is an easy change we can make to adjust … read more

  • A couple of Password Manager options

    I listened to a snippet of Security Now podcast where they discuss password managers. The subject was brought up after the recent LastPass breach. Apparently Bitwarden is a great option because it’s open source, has a great free offering and is very secure. 1Password is also great especially if you … read more

  • Lantern

    Lantern is a slick service from @rknightuk that allows you to quickly search for a game, TV show, or Movie. Give it a rating and post your thoughts about it to your Micro.blog site. Since Micro.blog has books covered, this is a great addition. Well done! read more

  • Evernote now supports backlinks

    Evernote 10.51.7 has been updated with backlink support. This means you can easily add links to other notes, and the backlinks will show you which notes are linking to the current note. A previous update made adding links to other notes easier through a menu option (and keyboard shortcut). These … read more

  • Kill the Newsletter!

    📱 Kill the Newsletter! is a straightforward service from Leandro Facchinetti that lets you subscribe to newsletters but instead of giving your own email address, Kill the Newsletter gives you an email address to use as well as an RSS feed to add to your RSS reader to consume it. read more

  • Play - Manage your video playlist

    Play, by Loop Apps LTDA, is an app for iOS and macOS that lets you easily save videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and other sources so you can manage your playlist and watch them later. If you get frustrated by the Watch later feature built into YouTube, this app could solve your problems. read more

  • Using TeuxDeux for time management

    I’m trying TeuxDeux again to see if it can be suitable for time blocking. One of my favorite things about TeuxDeux is that I can see an overview of my week and keep as many lists as I need on one clean page. TuexDuex supports Markdown headers, links, recurring tasks, configurable colors, and more. … read more

  • Who needs the Readwise Reader app?

    The Readwise Reader app is officially in a public beta. This means anyone can now sign up for immediate access. The app is free during the beta but will be paid for when it is officially released. You can subscribe to Readwise if you are not already locked in a price. Who needs the Readwise Reader … read more

  • UpNote - A beautiful, cross-platform app for notes

    When it comes to my note-taking app, I have a few criteria. Can I write in it? I’m talking about simple, distraction-free writing. Markdown support is necessary to write and add some basic formatting without leaving the keyboard. Can I get my notes out of it? I don’t want to use any application … read more

  • Blot

    Blot is an interesting service that takes markdown files you sync with Dropbox, Google Drive, or Git and turns them into blog posts. It still only costs $4 per month! I’ve used Blot in the past, and if I were not using Micro.blog currently, I would probably go back. read more

  • 4 things I love about Feedbin

    I use a feed reader to pull in all the articles I’m interested in (using RSS), YouTube channels I subscribe to, social network lists, and even email newsletters. This allows me to avoid endless feeds, algorithms, and unwanted ads. When I read something, it is marked as read, and I don’t need to see … read more

  • I renewed my Mymind subscription today. It’s expensive, but I enjoy using it and keep returning to it as my primary tool for bookmarks and private notes.

    Myminds best features include AI to tag your content automatically, a clean interface, and an extremely fast search.

    Eric Gregorichs Mymind
    Eric Gregorich’s Mymind
  • Front Matter

    Front Matter is a CMS (Content Management System) that runs natively in Visual Studio Code as an extension. It looks interesting, although I do not need it at the moment. read more

  • The Readwise Reader app is a great way to keep up with your Twitter feed.

    • Create lists in your Twitter account.
    • Subscribe to those lists in Reader.
    • Receive a digest of each Twitter list twice daily.

    It’s a great way to keep up with what’s happening without going to Twitter!

  • 📱 Airshow Podcast App

    I discovered a new podcast app for iOS called Airshow. It is from the same creators of Feedbin, the popular RSS service. What’s interesting is that Airshow actually uses Feedbin to sync podcasts between devices. This makes sense since it’s all RSS. What I like about Airshow is its simplicity. It’s a … read more

  • Announcing the all-new Substack Reader for web

    Want to add a publication from outside Substack? No problem—just select “Add RSS feed” from the left sidebar.

    I keep seeing on Twitter that Substack is finally going to replace what we lost in Google Reader all those years ago. What was special about Google Reader that has not already been replaced by Feedbin, Feedly, Inoreader, NetNewsWire, and the dozens of other RSS services out there?

  • I’ve moved all my RSS, newsletters, and Twitter lists to Feedbin. I just discovered there is a Micro.blog integration available! After configuring the integration, I can share an item directly to Micro.blog and write a post from the Feedbin app.

  • I’m trying the Agenda app

    I’ve been experimenting with task management and note applications for a while now. I wouldn’t say I like organizing into folders or even using tags. I’ve gone down that road and spent too much time trying to stay organized. I want to capture notes from an idea or meeting and keep them front and … read more

  • Raindrop.io

    Raindrop.io has become one of those apps that I use nearly every day. With so much content on the web, we need a place to save what we find helpful. Raindrop does just that. It is a bookmarking service that works on nearly any device and browser. Save and recall interesting content. Save articles … read more

  • Tot Pocket

    I watched this video by Christopher Lawley, and he mentioned an app I had never heard of called Tot Pocket. All the app does is give you seven screens to write text. Are you blown away yet? Yeah, it sounds pretty simple. Then when you mention the $19.99 price tag, you will laugh. What this app does … read more

  • Use Apple Shortcuts to send notes on YouTube videos to Readwise

    I created an Apple Shortcut that takes a YouTube video URL, retrieves the Title of the video, prompts you for the Author and Notes you want to include, then adds it as a new highlight in Readwise. Why do I use Readwise? I have been using Readwise quite a bit lately as the place where I capture … read more

  • New to Mac? Here are some tips to help be productive

    I recently switched my setup to a Mac. As a long-time Windows user, this is quite a jarring transition. There were some things I immediately missed from Windows and some things that I had to spend some time figuring out because they make no sense on a Mac. Poor window management.Closing an app … read more

  • App Spotlight – Craft

    What is Craft?Craft helps you build dynamic and beautiful documents from your notes, ideas, and the content you gather. While you can easily create a new document for every note, Craft encourages the crafting of documents where you pull related information together into one place. Who is Craft … read more