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  • Experimenting with Related Posts

    I’m experimenting with “Related Posts,” a feature that might be included in the Cards Theme if it performs well and others are interested in it. You might notice “See Also” or “Related” at the bottom of some posts on my blog. These currently use categories to identify posts that are relevant to the … read more

  • Cards Theme Version 1.8.3

    The Cards Theme has been updated to version 1.8.3. We now have separate options (again) for displaying categories on various page types, such as Home, Categories, Archive, and the Post itself. Special thanks to @lostinhate for the pull request! Additionally, when the “Show RSS Link … read more

  • Create a hidden category on

    I wanted to create a new category, "Newsletter," that I can use to tag which posts appear in my weekly newsletter. But I don't want that "Newsletter" category to appear on the blog itself. The solution seems relatively simple. I created the "Newsletter" category, added some posts, and then … read more

  • The story behind the Cards Theme

    As many of you know, I’m the creator of the Cards Theme for I thought I would share a little bit of history about me and why I decided to create a theme in the first place. Around 2001, I got my first job in IT working as the sole helpdesk employee at a remote office. It was a … read more

  • Cards Theme Version 1.8 - A new RSS icon!

    The Cards Theme has been updated to version 1.8, introducing a new RSS feature! automatically generates an RSS feed for each category you create. To enhance usability, I have added a new setting in the Cards Theme. When enabled, an RSS icon will be displayed below your category … read more

  • Cards Theme Version 1.7

    The Cards Theme has been updated to version 1.7. A ton of fixes and cleanup. Images in a post are now centered. Fixed a small datetime formatting issue on the post page. Adjustments to the Date and Time logic. A tone of CSS clean up and fixes. Categories are now more consistent looking. … read more

  • I updated the new Cards Theme landing page with more information about the theme, how to install, upgrade, reach out for support, and even a change log.

    As always, I’ll tweak it over time. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback about what should be included.

  • Cards Theme v1.6

    The Cards Theme has been updated to v1.6. Several CSS updates fixes. Updated Categories to look a little nicer. Added support for the Reply by Mastodon plugin. Updated the default dark theme. Added a new configuration parameter to set the border color. Fixed an issue with embedded content … read more

  • The Cards Theme has been updated to v1.5!

    Removed the manual theme toggle as it will now automatically use dark mode based on the users system settings. This allowed me to remove a lot of JavaScript and CSS from the theme.

    Dates now look like links and the time is shown with the date by default.

  • I tweaked my blog theme (again)

    My blog still uses my Cards Theme, but I made a copy of the CSS and made some tweaks to try a make my site a bit more unique. I love the look of the light grey background and the white and grey gradient of the cards. Looking back, I think it was inspired by iA Writer a bit. I minimized the shadow of … read more

  • I updated the Cards theme to v1.4.0, which includes a new setting to allow sorting your categories alphabetically. Thanks, @lostinhaste, for the pull request!

    The update should be available within the hour.

  • The Cards Theme has been updated to v1.3.8. 

    - Fixes an issue with category paging.

    - Renamed “Show Tags on Home?” option to “Show Categories in Navigation?”

    - If “Show Categories in Navigation” is selected, the categories now show on all pages.

  • Testing updates to the Cards Theme

    I’m testing some core changes to the Cards Theme on my site. I’ve updated the theme to support Hugo 0.117 and incorporated the changes to the default themes (thanks to @sod.) Things look good on my test site. Next, I’m testing on my live site to see if I have any issues before I push the … read more

  • I updated my Cards Theme to v1.2.1 with support for Tinylytics Kudos (by @Vincent). I recommend using the Tinylytics for plugin by @jimmitchell to add Tinylytics and enable the Kudos feature. Then in your Cards Theme settings, check the box to Enable Tinylytics Kudos.

    See example below.

  • The Cards Theme has been updated to v1.1.9.

    The Cards Theme has been updated to v1.1.9. This version adds a setting to hide the categories from the post. After updating, you can go to your Card Theme settings and click the checkbox to hide the Categories from the post. If you wish to keep the categories on the page but prefer to … read more

  • The Cards Theme has been updated to v1.1.6.

    • The categories (if any) will now appear on the post page.
    • Added an option in theme settings to show a summary rather than the full post on the home page and category pages.
  • Cards Theme 1.1.5 - Reading Time

    The Cards Theme has been updated to support “Reading Time” on posts that take longer than 1 minute to read. This option will appear when you upgrade to v1.1.5 in the Plugins. There is a known issue with where your plugin settings will be overwritten when you update the plugin. … read more

  • Add Reading Time to your template

    I added Reading time to my blog. It was easy to do since it’s part of Hugo. It only displays if the reading time exceeds 1 minute. I think this makes sense because it will exclude it from short posts. In the layouts/posts/single.html template, add the following line below the date (or where ever you … read more

  • Cards Theme 1.1.4 Enable the Conversation or Reply By Email plugins

    Update! The Cards Theme v1.1.4 has been updated to automatically show the Conversation and Reply By Email plugins if they are installed. You no longer need to update the theme as per the instructions below. Suppose you are using the Cards Theme and want also to use the Conversations or … read more

  • Cards Theme 1.1.1 - New Dark Mode Toggle

    The Cards Theme has been updated with Dark Mode support! Thanks to inspiration and help from @danielsantos, the Cards Theme for now has an option in the plugin settings to enable a dark mode toggle. When toggled on, your site visitors will see a theme toggle in the top-right corner. When … read more