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  • The taste of coffee

    Sweet, Dark Chocolate with hints of citrus. Tastes like a good medium-roast coffee to me. Medium-dark roast with notes of oaky dry wine, dried raspberries, and brown sugar. This one also tastes like a good medium-roast coffee. This medium roast coffee is bright and expressive, like a Southern Jaquan … read more

  • Interesting name for a coffee.

    Cockpunch Coffee hints of lime, orange blossom honey, and vanilla. Affiliation with Tim Ferris.

    A bag of “Cockpunch” whole bean coffee.
  • This will be my view for a few days, right from the bedroom balcony. Hopefully, the weather holds out, and I can drink a few coffees and read some books! Panama City Beach.

    My view of Panama City Beach from the bedroom balcony.

  • ☕ I dug out my old French Press, which tastes much better than the Keurig I’ve been using (for convenience).

    I want to try and wait a good 90 minutes before any coffee (wake up naturally) and have coffee I’ll enjoy for the flavor.