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  • Filter the posts on the Micro.blog home page by category

    With some help from the community, I figured out how to filter the home page of my Micro.blog site to exclude “Micro Posts, “ a category I created for the short posts without a title. Why? In my case, I want only to show the full articles on my home page. I have a separate page for all my “Micro … read more

  • Micro.blog RSS Feeds

    Below are the various RSS feeds available through Micro.blog. Discover You can subscribe to the Discover feature. https://micro.blog/posts/discover/feed.json https://micro.blog/posts/discover/books/feed.json // Subscribe specifically to books Your timeline This feed shows your timeline (or any … read more

  • The Micro.blog Cards Theme has been updated to v1.1.9.

    The Micro.blog Cards Theme has been updated to v1.1.9. This version adds a setting to hide the categories from the post. After updating, you can go to your Card Theme settings and click the checkbox to hide the Categories from the post. If you wish to keep the categories on the page but prefer to … read more

  • Micro.blog Cards Theme 1.1.5 - Reading Time

    The Cards Theme has been updated to support “Reading Time” on posts that take longer than 1 minute to read. This option will appear when you upgrade to v1.1.5 in the Micro.blog Plugins. There is a known issue with Micro.blog where your plugin settings will be overwritten when you update the plugin. … read more

  • Add Reading Time to your Micro.blog template

    I added Reading time to my blog. It was easy to do since it’s part of Hugo. It only displays if the reading time exceeds 1 minute. I think this makes sense because it will exclude it from short posts. In the layouts/posts/single.html template, add the following line below the date (or where ever you … read more

  • Micro.blog Cards Theme 1.1.4 Enable the Conversation or Reply By Email plugins

    Update! The Cards Theme v1.1.4 has been updated to automatically show the Conversation and Reply By Email plugins if they are installed. You no longer need to update the theme as per the instructions below.  Suppose you are using the Micro.blog Cards Theme and want also to use the Conversations or … read more

  • Micro.blog Cards Theme 1.1.1 - New Dark Mode Toggle

    The Cards Theme has been updated with Dark Mode support! Thanks to inspiration and help from @danielsantos, the Cards Theme for Micro.blog now has an option in the plugin settings to enable a dark mode toggle. When toggled on, your site visitors will see a theme toggle in the top-right corner. When … read more

  • Micro.blog Cards Theme 1.0.8

    I made some minor updates to the Cards Theme for Micro.blog. Removed some unused CSS from the main.css file. Added some additional padding above the footer. Added some additional padding around the text with the cards. Removed the custom 404.html page. I had problems loading the page content … read more