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Microsoft Power Platform

  • Check your environment for invalid Power Automate Licenses

    Microsoft has provided some PowerShell that allows admins to check their Power Platform environment for invalid Power Automate Licenses. Unlicensed Power Automate Flows will be turned off. Microsoft is enforcing licensing on all Power Automate flows. The flow owner will be notified if any of your … read more

  • I’ve started using Pipelines for one of my client’s Power Platform environments. This new feature allows us to configure deployment pipelines to publish solutions from Dev to UAT to Production. A huge time saver and allows me to delegate deployments!

    Power Platform Pipelines
  • Validate Email Addresses in Power Apps

    A common request when building Power Apps is to validate the email address of a textbox. This can be done easily using the IsMatch function. The function also does all kinds of validation using regular expressions. The Match.Email property can be used to automatically check if it’s a valid … read more

  • Check for a null or blank SharePoint Field value in Power Automate

    If you use Microsoft Power Automate with Microsoft SharePoint Online list or library data and need to check if a field is empty or null, you can use the @empty function in an expression. Example The following example involves setting up a new Power Automate workflow triggered when a user starts the … read more