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  • I imported my Readwise collection into my Obsidian vault. The graph view looks like a mess, but I can start seeing where some knowledge is clustered together. I’m thinking the local graph will be more useful day-to-day.

    Eric Gregorich Obsidian Graph 2022-10-20

  • After exploring many note applications, I’ve been sticking with Obsidian. The main reasons include local files and end-to-end encrypted sync (through Obsidian Sync). The UI, including mobile apps, has greatly improved in v1.

  • I have started using Obsidian to manage my work notes. I create a new vault for each client, each connected to source control using Git.

    Obsidian allows me to work with local markdown files, which has been a great experience.

    Also, Obsidian is free and secure!

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  • Add Plausible Analytics to your Obsidian Publish site

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