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  • Evernote now supports backlinks

    Evernote 10.51.7 has been updated with backlink support. This means you can easily add links to other notes, and the backlinks will show you which notes are linking to the current note. A previous update made adding links to other notes easier through a menu option (and keyboard shortcut). These … read more

  • A book review of Antinet Zettelkasten by Scott P. Scheper

    Finished reading: Antinet Zettelkasten by Scott P. Scheper, 📚 a book about how to create an analog Zettelkasten (slip box) that acts as a “communication partner” for thinking and creating. After seeing a couple of videos from Scott and keeping up with his website, I expected this book to be a deep … read more

  • Ghost in the Box

    This interesting essay explores the “Ghost in the Box” metaphor and how it applies to a Zettelkasten. The main idea (as I understand it) is that when you build a complex system of notes, they appear unfinished and confusing when others view them, but to you, they’re useful and full of insight. It is … read more

  • Bending Spoons purchased Evernote

    Evernote announced Bending Spoons, a developer of mobile apps had acquired them. Bending Spoons is known for (or not known for) its mobile apps, including, Splice, Remini, and 30 Day Fitness. Like many, my first thoughts were, “this doesn’t make sense. Evernote is doomed!”. However, Bending Spoons … read more

  • The true purpose of a Zettelkasten

    A Zettelkasten is a German word that translates to “slip box.” The term became used to describe a particular workflow that Niklas Luhmann used to publish about 50 books and 550 articles over his career. Many great articles are out there describing Niklas Luhmann’s Zettelkasten system. As well as a … read more