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  • ManicTime - Automatically track your time on Windows

    ManicTime is Windows App that will automatically track your time. Useful for anyone who needs to track time to bill clients, ManicTime can auto-tag your documents, URLs, etc., to your projects, as well as give you an overview of where you spend your time. The data stays on your device! read more

  • Using a working memory file to stay productive during the day

    I created a Working Memory file that I’ll use throughout the day. I learned this from Cal Newport, although I’m sure he didn’t invent the idea. The idea is to have a single text file open all day that you use to write all of your notes, today’s tasks, etc. Similar to a Daily Note available in some … read more

  • My struggles with writing

    Writing what’s on my mind is something I struggle with. I think the issue is not the writing itself; it’s the distractions and mind wandering. I have difficulty focusing for a long enough period to produce something worth reading. Even when I get on track and start writing something, I lose focus … read more

  • “I define minimalism as ”the intentional promotion of the things we most value by removing anything that distracts us from them.“ … It isn’t primarily about decluttering or organizing; it’s about creating freedom.” (Joshua Becker, Things That Matter) 💬

  • The benefits of mind wandering

    Reading Stolen Focus by Johann Hari 📚, the author discusses the “Disruption of Mind Wandering” in Chapter 5 and how we tend to consider mind wandering negative. Yet, the author explains, it’s part of how we learn and create. “Creativity is not where you create some new thing that’s emerged from … read more

  • Take care of your eyes with the 20-20-20 Rule

    As we all know, staring at a screen causes eye strain. When you do this too long and too often, your eyes may not be able to recover. This eye strain is often called computer vision syndrome (CVS) and can cause headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, and long-term damage. What is the 20–20–20 Rule? Every 20 … read more

  • Schedule time to work on projects rather than tasks

    We’re always told to break down our projects into next actions, which are the very next thing that must be done to move a project forward. The next actions are actionable (start with a verb). They take the guesswork out of what needs to be done. The challenge I’ve always had has always been … read more

  • How these Hey features changed the way I think about email

    The Screener, The Feed, and Paper Trail have changed my personal email experience to focus on the important and not stress about the rest. I started using Hey last year and even wrote up my initial experiences with the unique email service. Now that it has been nearly a year of using it, I thought I … read more

  • Adding color to your tools can help you be more productive

    Use colors as a way to categorize things. We can use Colors in our Productivity System to help us quickly identify things. I find it especially useful to identify each area of my life with a specific color. Here are some of the colors I use to identify areas of my life. Purple = Family Red = Health … read more

  • New to Mac? Here are some tips to help be productive

    I recently switched my setup to a Mac. As a long-time Windows user, this is quite a jarring transition. There were some things I immediately missed from Windows and some things that I had to spend some time figuring out because they make no sense on a Mac. Poor window management.Closing an app … read more

  • Using an index card to manage your daily tasks and notes

    Using a simple index card is a simple technique to help you focus during the day. The process is simple. Each day, pull out a new card.Write down the most important tasks you want to work on that day.During the day, focus on those tasks.Add other tasks as they come up. You don’t need to do these … read more