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  • The Productivity Field Guide - David Sparks

    I don’t often purchase courses online, especially those around productivity systems. However, I did purchase the Productivity Field Guide by David Sparks. I did it to support his work since I have followed his content for many years. I quickly went through the course last weekend. I found it quite … read more

  • Tot - Working Memory

    I’m experimenting again with Tot by the Inconfactory. It’s a straightforward text app that gives you 7 plain text notes. It syncs across iOS and macOS. I’ve actually talked about it before a long time ago. I’ve been using a “Working Memory” text file extensively lately. I keep a text file on my … read more

  • The secret to being a productive person

    My productivity journey has been a rollercoaster of discovery and learning since 2002. I was transitioning to be a developer in my day job and doing web design on the side. I was also starting a family, newly married, with a kid on the way. My time was consumed with the number of tasks and projects … read more

  • Use an index card to manage your daily tasks and notes

    Using an index card is a simple technique to help you focus during the day. This is not a replacement for your task application or calendar but an addition. The point is to help you be less distracted and keep your planned tasks front and center while you work. Review your task application and … read more

  • Take care of your eyes with the 20-20-20 Rule

    As we all know, staring at a screen causes eye strain. When you do this too long and too often, your eyes may not recover. This eye strain is often called computer vision syndrome (CVS) and can cause headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, and long-term damage. What is the 20–20–20 Rule? Every 20 minutes you … read more