• “How we spend our hours is how we spend our days. And, as the writer Annie Dillard so eloquently pointed out, “How we spend our days is . . . how we spend our lives.”” (Brad Stulberg, The Practice of Groundedness) 💬

  • The goal is the target we want to achieve, while the aim is the course we set to reach that target. A goal fixates on the finish line, while an aim considers the trajectory. When we focus on our aims, the process becomes the goal. And we’re more likely to reach our goal when we become fully aware of our aim. (Anne-Laure Le Cunff, Everything Is Aiming: Forget the Target and Focus on Your Aim) 💬

  • “It’s the stuff you leave out that matters. So constantly look for things to remove, simplify, and streamline. Be a curator. Stick to what’s truly essential. Pare things down until you’re left with only the most important stuff.” (Rework) 💬