RSS The RSS feed for RSS.

  • RSS readers make me want to jump into a vat of acid! — Keenan

    I will admit that there is something inherently alluring about organizing all of the information you intend to absorb into one place, but I find, in practice, the incessant drip, drip, drip to overwhelm, rather than delight.

    A great post about the negative side of RSS. It’s so easy to let your RSS reader become an infinite task list.

  • Feedle

    Feedle is a clever service that acts as a search engine for RSS. When you search, you receive results from various RSS feeds. Your search results are returned as its own RSS feed that you can subscribe to. This seems like a great way to follow a topic your interested in. [1] Feedle also has a Top … read more

  • 🔗 Inoreader I’ve enjoyed Inoreader as my one stop for all RSS, newsletters, YouTube, and even

    I have turned off unread counts and have the All Articles view set to Cards. An excellent way to scroll through everything without jumping in and out.

  • 🔗 Ye Olde Blogroll -

    You are viewing a humanly curated list of fine personal & independent blogs that are updated regularly. No algorithms ever!

    An excellent directory of curated blogs. No algorithms are to be found. Only great blogs and RSS feeds.

  • RSS Anything

    RSS Anything claims to take any site with a list of links and transform it into an RSS feed. This is great for those blogs and sites you like to follow but don’t provide their own RSS feed. I have not yet tried it, but I wanted to add it to my arsenal of web tools. I discovered this through … read more

  • RSS Zero isn't the path to RSS Joy

    RSS Zero isn’t the path to RSS Joy But your RSS reader doesn’t (shouldn’t?) be there to add to your to-do list. Your RSS reader is a list of things you might like to read. In an ideal world, reaching “RSS Zero” would mean that you’ve seen everything on the Internet that you might enjoy. That’s … read more

  • Blogtrottr — Send RSS to your Email

    With all the great RSS readers out there, you may wonder why we want to send our RSS feeds to our email. I’m experimenting with this myself. I’m using Hey as my email client, and all of my newsletters go into “The Feed,” a dedicated page where I can scroll through all my newsletters. If I find … read more

  • Back to the feed reader

    I’ve been a longtime user of RSS feeds, and therefore Feed Readers, such as Google Reader back in the day. I’ve gone from Google Reader to Feedly and in the past couple years have bounced around from various services such as Inoreader, Feedbin, and others. Hundreds of feeds As a result, I’ve … read more

  • RSS Feeds

    Below are the various RSS feeds available through Discover You can subscribe to the Discover feature. // Subscribe specifically to books Your timeline This feed shows your timeline (or any … read more

  • Kill the Newsletter!

    📱 Kill the Newsletter! is a straightforward service from Leandro Facchinetti that lets you subscribe to newsletters but instead of giving your own email address, Kill the Newsletter gives you an email address to use as well as an RSS feed to add to your RSS reader to consume it. read more

  • 4 things I love about Feedbin

    I use a feed reader to pull in all the articles I’m interested in (using RSS), YouTube channels I subscribe to, social network lists, and even email newsletters. This allows me to avoid endless feeds, algorithms, and unwanted ads. When I read something, it is marked as read, and I don’t need to see … read more

  • The Readwise Reader app has come a long way over the past year. With built-in RSS, Email, and Twitter support, it has replaced many of my other apps. It’s also just a great reading experience. Powerful on desktop, simple on mobile!