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  • I’ve been using Craft for over a week, including capturing personal notes and sharing many of my notes online.

    It’s easy to capture links, notes, images, and more and curate them into nice-looking documents. I think I like it!

  • I’ve been using OneNote for anything related to work projects. I’ve never been a big fan, but I like the integration and how it is shared with team members by default.

    Today, I created a single note that I keep open all day with my projects and immediate action items for each.

  • I’ve used Craft.do before and have recently gone back. From my perspective, and you see this in their marketing, Craft is more about creating documents rather than notes.

    Creating documents is a great way to put the puzzle pieces together into something coherent and useful.

  • I’m considering moving all of my notes into Craft.

    I’ll have my personal space and another space for my knowledge base where some would be shared.

    I like the idea of creating “documents” around a specific topic that are updated over time rather than small individual notes.

  • ☕ I dug out my old French Press, which tastes much better than the Keurig I’ve been using (for convenience).

    I want to try and wait a good 90 minutes before any coffee (wake up naturally) and have coffee I’ll enjoy for the flavor.

  • Everything is Aiming

  • This may seem odd, but I won’t even give Mem.ai a shot because of this giant blue Share button in the middle of every screen in an otherwise simple and clean app. I don’t want to share my notes. Give me the option in the submenu. It’s a big distraction for me.

    Mem.ai share button.png
  • The End of Organizing” by Dan Shipper argues that AI will be the best way to organize our notes in the future.

    So you rarely go back to use your old notes. It’s too cognitively expensive and not rewarding enough. For an old note to be helpful it needs to be presented to Future You in a way that clicks into what you’re working on instantly—with as little processing as possible.

    As you consume content and take generic notes, the AI can transform it into more meaningful text, autocomplete the thought, apply context, and organize it, making it easy to find again.

    As you create content, AI could show your notes as you type. Imagine typing about a topic, and the AI presents the notes to you as you type, as it applies to the current context.

    Many note and reading apps already incorporate AI, including Readwise, Mem, Mymind, Craft, and Notion. Some with plugins that add this, including Obsidian and Logseq. It should quickly evolve to the point envisioned in this essay.

    This essay does not account for the act of writing as a way to help you think and learn. If we let AI do the lifting for us, does that make us smarter, or do we lose the ability to think for ourselves? There is a fine line.

  • Readwise Reader is growing on me.

    I spent some time learning how to configure it to my liking and learned some shortcuts. I removed most of the views, updated the swipe commands, and changed my Library Commands to only Later and Archive. Also, cleaned up my feed.

  • 📷I finally completed my Christmas gift. The Razor Crest from The Mandalorian.

    The Mandalorian Razor Crest Legos
  • IMG 0634

    I felt like going analog today, so I dusted off my Bullet Journal and started using it. I have wanted to start journaling more in 2023 and have always enjoyed writing on paper, so it felt like it was time to give it another go.

  • A day full of meetings and emails can make things easier because we don’t have to decide what to do with our time. We have an excuse not to do real work.

    It’s a trap! An easy way to procrastinate.

  • Currently reading: Secret Project #1 by Brandon Sanderson 📚

  • I updated my Books page to show what I’m currently reading and what I finished reading (each year). I’m using the Bookshelf shortcode plugin by @kottkrig and Book Reading Goals by @manton.

  • You won’t succeed with a digital detox unless you replace what you are removing from your life with other things you enjoy. You also need to become comfortable being bored. It’s an opportunity to let your mind wander.

  • I played around with Obsidian’s Canvas feature (only in the Insider Build). I also played with Apple’s new Freeform app and think Obsidian canvas is better. Quite impressive for such a small dev team.

    Here is a pass at my “PKM” system. This doesn’t do the app justice, though.

    My PKM System
  • Currently reading: The Staff Engineer’s Path by Tanya Reilly 📚

  • Finished reading: The Laws of Creativity by Joey Cofone 📚

  • A Substack and Ghost misunderstanding

    Through my Hacker News feed, I found a post to some interesting statements on Twitter saying that “Substack is now officially powered by Ghost!” The original message was posted by John O’Nolan, Founder/CEO of Ghost. It was quickly corrected by Substack Co-founder/CEO Chris Best. Substack is not … read more

  • I wonder if today’s search engines will be replaced by AI or at least incorporate AI into the results.

    Rather than searching for a website with an answer to something, the AI will tell you the answer and allow you to fine-tune the outcome based on your needs.

  • I just purchased my copy of Mars Edit 5. A great app from @danielpunkass that works great with Micro.blog.

    CleanShot 2022 12 11 at 10 21 19

  • The Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy allows testing of how our apps handle errors and even throttling limits when accessing the Microsoft Graph API. Verify your code yourself before your customers do it for you!

  • I’m trying out MarsEdit 5 from @danielpunkass. The integration with Micro.blog looks to be outstanding. I wish there were a mobile version!

  • The new Canvas feature in the Obsidian v1.1.0 (Insider Build) looks crazy brilliant. I can see how this would help brainstorm directly in Obsidian. I will be trying it out soon. Here is a short video from Danny Hatcher that shows precisely what the Canvas view can do.

  • “How we spend our hours is how we spend our days. And, as the writer Annie Dillard so eloquently pointed out, “How we spend our days is . . . how we spend our lives.”” (Brad Stulberg, The Practice of Groundedness) 💬