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Accessing the SharePoint Secure Store through code

The Secure Store Service in SharePoint 2010 is a shared service that provides a secure storage and mapping of credentials such as account names and passwords which can be used for accessing external systems.

In this article, I’ll demonstrate how to setup a new Target Application in SharePoint 2010 as well as demonstrate how to access this information through code. We will use the Secure Store to store information needed to access an external database which will be used by..

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How to set an Expiration Policy through code

I've been working on a project that requires custom site provisioning through code based on the information a user completes in a form.  A workflow creates a new site collection, sub site, and a list within the sub site. It also sets some basic security and adds a custom content type to the site collection (which is used by the list).

Another requirement was to delete any items in the list that past a 72 month expiration. A SharePoint Information Management Policy would work to...