How to check for empty or null SharePoint field values in Power Automate

3 months ago   •   1 min read

By Eric Gregorich

If you are using Power Automate with SharePoint Online list or library data and need to check if a field is empty or null, then you can use the @empty function.

First, add a Condition and add the field you want to check.

Next, click on the "Edit in advanced mode" link.

Next, you will replace the @equals function with the @empty function.

It should look like this: @empty(triggerbody()?['Title']).

  • The triggerbody(), in this case, is what triggered the flow. This may be different depending on where in your Flow your field is coming from.
  • The Title is the name of the field.
  • The function returns true if the field is empty, allowing you to perform different logic if the field is empty or contains a value.

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