Create desktop shortcuts to Microsoft Edge Profiles

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By Eric Gregorich
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If you use Microsoft Edge Profiles (or Chrome Profiles) to separate your accounts, you may want quick access to those profiles.

To access your browser's profiles, you would click on your profile picture, then click an existing profile or create a new one.

What if you want to access these profiles directly from your desktop? Or by using Windows Search? You can make a shortcut to each profile. Currently, it isn't very straightforward, but it can be done.

  • Find the default [[Microsoft Edge]] shortcut.
  • Create a copy of it.
  • Right-click the new shortcut and click Properties.
  • Append --profile-directory="Profile 9" to the end (e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" --profile-directory="Profile 9") Do NOT enter the name of your profile. This is just is a sequential number created for each profile.
  • Open the shortcut
  • If it is an existing profile, you'll see which profile it opens. Close the window then rename the shortcut to match the profile that it opened.
  • If it is a profile that does not exist, it will be created. You will then need to rename both the profile in the browser as well as the shortcut.

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