Create a task in Microsoft To Do directly from a Microsoft Teams message

3 months ago   •   2 min read

By Eric Gregorich

Since Microsoft To Do is becoming the central hub for all of your personal tasks in the Microsoft world, it make sense to be able to create tasks from anywhere and see them show up in your task list. You can easily create tasks in Microsoft To Do directly from any message in Microsoft Teams.

Create the Flow

Open Power Automate and create a new Instant Flow. Select "For a selected message" in Microsoft Teams as the trigger.

Build an instant flow

Click on the "Edit Adaptive Card" button. This will be the card that is presented to you when you trigger this from Microsoft Teams.

Adaptive Card interface built into Power Automate

Make some updates to the card by adding or updating fields. Remember to set the ID of each field that is something simple to find. You will need it later. Save and close the Adaptive Card editor.

Now add a new action "Add a To-Do (v2)".

Populate the fields with content from the first action. This is where the ID of each field you configure in the Adaptive Card is important. They will show up here with those values so you can add them to the Title and Content of the To Do. Of course, you can even include the content of the message from where you trigger this Flow.

Overview of the Flow

Save your Flow, now go into Microsoft Teams. From any message, click the ... to open the menu. Under More Actions, you should see your Flow. Click it to open the Adaptive Card that you configured.

Enter the information and click Submit. Your task should now show up in Microsoft To Do!

Trigger the Flow from Microsoft Teams
The Adaptive Card from Microsoft Teams

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