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Enable custom scripting for SharePoint Online site.

How to enable custom scripting on a SharePoint site. This allows features such as Saving a list as a template to work.

Eric Gregorich
Eric Gregorich
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To enable custom scripting on a site.

  1. Open SharePoint Online Management Tool.
  2. Connect to the SharePoint Admin site Connect-SPOService -URL <url>.
  3. Execute the following Set-SPOSite <url> -DenyAddAndCustomizePages 0.

Save List as Template

One of the reasons you may need to enable custom scripting is if you're trying to save a list as a template, (like you could always do in classic SharePoint).

The Save List as Template in SharePoint Online sites may be missing on some sites. This is because custom scripting is not enabled on the site. Obviously, this Save List as Template may be permanently removed eventually since there are modern ways to do this now.


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